To set a web interface add-on as the default web UI, go to System -> Services -> Control and select that add-on for the Default value. Then go to the hostname (or IP address) of that HTPC+Port number. Note: Some platforms use port 80, which is the assumed port if no port is given in the address.

This year many Kodi Addons transmitting live sports events have been targeted by some big ISPs and forced to close down (Phoenix and Navi-X were the biggest exits until now). Fortunately, there are still addons to watch Sports TV Channels or Streaming by event. You can go through this list, try them, and keep your favorites. Here is the list of the 8 Best Sports Addons for Kodi. If you are Kodi is available as a native application for Android, Linux, Mac OS X, iOS and Windows operating systems, running on most common processor architectures. A small overview of the features can be found on our about page. For each platform, we offer a stable and development release(s). For normal users we recommend installing the stable releases. To stay up to date on the latest or great stories Which Ports To Forward To be able To Stream From Android to Kodi Using UPNP Hi Guys, My Router seem to not playing along for upnp. There is a upnp option in the router and it is enabled but I still am not able to find my Kodi as a renderer in any upnp streaming app.

This can be done in Settings → Services → Control → Allow remote control via HTTP. The settings allow to specify a custom port number and an optional 

Please refer to the table below for a list of network ports used by ASUSTOR NAS KODI. 88, 36667. TCP/UDP. LazyLibrarian. 5299. TCP/UDP. Logitech Media  System > Dienste > Steuerung > Web server > Port > 8080. System > Dienste > Steuerung > Web server > Username> kodi. System > Dienste > Steuerung  17 May 2017 Click on Allow remote control via HTTP. Note the username and port, though the default values should be "kodi" and "8080" unless you already 

2 Sep 2014 and port; 2 DVBLink Connect! Server; 3 Number of concurrent streaming clients; 4 DLNA / UPnP clients; 5 DVBLink PVR Addon for XBMC 

Kodi TV est une fonction d’extension du logiciel de base. Elle permet d’accéder à des vidéos télévisuelles. La plupart de son codage a été faite par des tierces personnes. Pour déployer tout son potentiel, il faut l’activer au niveau des menus de l’application. Il est même possible d’activer plusieurs extensions en fonction de la situation géographique et des besoins de