IP address works on private networks and falls in the range of reserved IP addresses. It is an internal IP address that can be used to access 

##Ouvrir une fenêtre de navigation internet puis copiez cette adresse : https://mabbox.bytel.fr ou le code ##Cliquer ensuite sur "commencer l'installation Bbox" ##Appuyer sur "Wifi" ##Taper le mot de passe qui permettra de vous connecter à l'interface Bbox lors des connexions suivantes. Via l’interface d’administration de votre Bbox, vous pouvez configurer, gérer vos services, paramétrer des plages horaires d’accès à Internet, vérifier la qualité de vos services de téléphonie, Internet et Wi-Fi. router login and password for your device at We will help you get into your router or other devices on your network. is a private ip address used for local networks. L'interface de configuration vous permet de paramétrer les différentes fonctionnalités de votre Livebox (wifi invité, plage de restriction d'accès des équipements,). Voici la marche à suivre pour se connecter à son interface. Bridge Mode: Open the default web browser and provide in the URL address bar. After landing on the required web page, you need to hit the option that says ‘Advanced Setup’. You can then select the option of bridge mode. is one such IP address used to access settings of routers like You need to make sure there is no semicolon but a colon after http or https. Despite its strange appearance, is the default IP address of many routers, and Enter into the URL bar and press enter.

I'm trying to change my wireless to secured instead of unsecure. I went to that web address and I tried putting in admin as username and admin as password and it won't let me in. I also tried a blank username and admin password and vice versa. It won't let me in. I don't recall ever being in there a Router Login and Complete Process to Access IP Router. You can get the complete details of this IP here. Just check now and Enjoy. https, port 443 - page internet cryptée; pop, port 110 - reception de courrier électronique; smtp, port 25 - envoi de courrier électronique; ftp, port 21 - transfert de fichier; ssh, port 22 - ligne de commande serveur distant; Informations complémentaires. Avez-vous des exemples de connexion à l'ip ou de configuration d'un réseau local ? Laissez nous un commentaire afin de 12/04/2020 17/02/2014 Bonsoir . Quand je te demande de t'arranger que l'URL soit lisible, j'ai une bonne raison. Pour faire tes captures d'écran fait les individuellement et suis ce topo si tu veux qu'elles soient lisibles. Cela dit, je pense qu'on en voit suffisemment pour Even though may look like a very atypical address to someone who doesn’t have much experience with computer networks, there’s actually nothing strange about it.. It’s simply one of the IP addresses that have been reserved for private networks by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), an open standards organization that develops and promotes voluntary Internet standards It sounds like a security issue with your browser or fire wall. With your desktop there is no need for security check or verification because you are connected directly to the gateway via ethernet, but when you try it wireless it won't let you in. Check your fire wall to make sure your allowing the through firewall. If so then try a different browser or check to see if your